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If you guessed SAP, then you are correct. SAP has been identified as the largest ERP supplier in Belgium. This was the main conclusion of a recent research conducted by Smart Business Strategies and InSites Consulting. This article states that SAP owns a 48% share of the total ERP software market in Belgium, with the second largest supplier, being Microsoft, having 17% market share. This is a 6% increase for SAP compared to last year.

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Today, we all woke up early. The first bus to Kortrijk already departed at 6 am. The drive was smooth, and the final cyclists arrived around 6 pm in Kortrijk. We were welcomed by some enthusiastic colleagues.

Many thanks to everyone who supported the Delaware Consulting ProCycling team in the past days. We especially want to thank the people from Group Ghistelinck, for the superb cooperation.

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Aready 3 cols are completed. Today we are heading for Italy, especially for the ladies in the ProCycling team. We left sunny Briançon, and climbed the Col de Montgenevre, to arrive in Bardonecchia in Italy. In this beautiful village, we enjoyed a delicious Italian lunch. When everyone was recovered, we headed for the Col de l’Echelle. This tough col surprised us with a heavy downpour. The descent in the direction of Briançon was freezing. After the 90 km, everyone was happy to arrive safe and sound in our wonderful residence. After a refreshing shower, we enjoyed our “last supper”. Again, it was a heroic day for the magnificent Delaware Consulting ProCycling team.

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Choices. Every day, we have to make them. When you go to the mall, there are several shops that provide a range of similar products, all with comparable content or composition. Your choice can be guided by an advertisement, by price, fancy packaging and so on.

The wide offering of products and services can also be found in our own IT business. You shouldn’t decide on your (future) IT services provider in the same way as you chose your favorite DIY store.

This article provides 3 criteria to help you go for the right AMS provider. An AMS provider stands for a long term and strong commitment between your business and  IT. For the AMS partner, it is prior to understand and work with you on your business processes. For you, it is key that this partner provides you a perfect service, with care, commitment and respect.

How did you select your IT services provider? Did you have specific standards by which you decided?


Author: Nico Van der Haegen. You can follow Nico on Twitter (@vdhaegenn) or connect with him on LinkedIn

Monday morning. The sun is shining, and we are ready for the start of a heroic day for the Delaware Consulting ProCycling team. On the schedule: an 80 km ride. Starting from Briançon, we have the Col du Lautaret to warm up, and after that, we have the Col du Galibier to conquer. With our incredible team spirit, everyone reached both tops. We were exhausted, but extremely satisfied. Thanks to the magnificent downhill of the col de Lautarat, we returned in Briançon at 2.30 pm to have a bite to eat. Back in our residence, the owners of our accomodation surprised us with a delicious raclette and stone grill. This promises to be a wonderful evening.

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Sunday morning. And it really was a sun-day morning in Briançon! After a hearty breakfast, we all gathered at the foot of the Col d’Izoard. Starting from Briançon, the climb is 20 km. We began the climb at 9.30 am. It was wonderful: splendid panoramic views in a beautiful scenery. Around noon, everyone had reached the peak, at a height of 2.360 m. This is team spirit at its best! We strengthened our inner selves in the Refuge Napoleon, on the Col d’Izoard. At 2 pm, the time had come to start the dangerous descent. All arrived safe and sound in Briançon, where we celebrated our first top class col in an appropriate manner.

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This morning, at 7.30 AM sharp, everyone arrived at Kapel ter Bede, our Kortrijk office. After some trial and error – and some destruction work – we managed to get all bikes in the VITO vehicles. After the smooth ride, we all made it safe and sound in our magnificant residence in Briancon.

Everthing is fine, except for the weather. It is raining cats and dogs here. We hope for more ideal cycling weather tomorrow.

On the schedule: the Col d’Izoard, that’s why we are going to bed early this evening. See you tomorrow!

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Author: Ludo Stockman. Unfortunately, Ludo has no Twitter account yet, but you can follow the adventures by the accounts of Folker Lamote (@‏FolkerLamote) and Stefan Dupont (@stefan1302)

On the 24th of August, 25 Delawarians will be heading to Briançon (France) for a 3-day biking adventure in the middle of the mighty Alps.

ProCyclingTeam_IntroDelaware Consulting has an annual tradition of organizing a trip to the mountains in August. Every employee can join, no matter what your team, your level or your condition is. For the first time, 2 female colleagues will participate. This expedition gives the opportunity to get to know each other in different circumstances than in the office. The cross team presence gives us a unique chance to get connected. During the year, a Microsoft AX colleague doesn’t have a lot of contact with a SAP colleague, as they don’t have common projects. And when do you have the chance to chit-chat with a partner? 2 partners are joining, so we will have plenty of opportunities now. And the way to the top is long, so there will be no issue of time…

Briançon is a nice little town in the south of France, not far from the Italian border. The landscape is breathtaking. The main goal is to climb the Galibier by bike. Not just the Galibier, but also the Col du Telegraphe will be conquered. 35 km of pleasure! Some have already climbed these mountains and they all agree: this is one of the most beautiful mountains to climb by bike in the Alps. Once you reach the top, it was worth every km, every kick and every drop of sweat.  And once we are tired of the Galibier, we still have the Lautaret, the L’Izoard , the Granon, etc.

Daily, we will post some pictures and a short coverage of what we have done, so check this blog to stay tuned (and maybe join us next year?).


Author: Stefan Dupont. You can follow Stefan on Twitter (@stefan1302) or connect with him on LinkedIn

Marilyn Monroe once said: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. European Commissioner, Neelie Kroes, states: “ICT skills are a girl’s best friend. Have them and the diamonds will follow”.

WISEAs a woman in IT, I can say that she’s partially right. In our sector, there are a lot of opportunities, not only when you are a woman. IT is a varied sector in which many different skills can be useful. Quite a lot of people have the idea that the IT world only exists of geeks. They imagine them sitting behind their computers and knowing everything about bits and bytes, but not much about human interaction. Nothing is less true.

We have analysts, who need their social skills to understand what exactly the customer needs. Our support technicians need even more social talent to understand and help people on the phone. Project managers need to be organized and make sure that their relationship with both the customer and the team is maintained. Of course, every now and then, you have the geek, who sits behind his computer developing all day, or taking his computer apart. In all these various parts of IT, women can play a role. Let’s be honest, women have the best social skills. I don’t think anyone will deny that women like to speak and interact with others. Women are also well organized. Isn’t the wife the organizer in each family? Trust me: thinking that women aren’t good in IT, is a major mistake.

Nevertheless, there aren’t a lot of women in IT, that’s a fact. During my education and also later on, in my professional life, a lot of people asked me why there aren’t more women in ICT. I have to say: I don’t know. Maybe the reason is that women are afraid that ICT is nothing else than working with computers, or with nerds. Or possibly, they think that it isn’t possible to combine an IT job with a family life. I work in IT and I love it. I cannot figure out exactly why other women don’t make this choice, to be quite honest.

On May 31st, I participated in my first WISE event. WISE stands for Women in ICT Sharing Experiences – and that was exactly what happened. A lot of women, some of them very important, gathered on a lunch meeting to network and to share experiences in the ICT world. These women explained how you can become successful in IT and why women are as good as men – or even better – in IT.

That’s what this nice movie is about: women motivating other women to work in IT. Make sure to watch the whole movie, because in the end, my great example Ann De Swert gives her opinion too.


Author: Lien Van Calenberg. You can follow Lien on Twitter (@Lien_VC) or connect with her on LinkedIn


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