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In today’s system landscapes data grows continuously and at an ever increasing speed. This creates a challenge for today’s businesses.

Growing data

Together with the natural growth of your business, the number of users of the system increases. It goes without saying that also the amount of data grows over time. In addition, your database expands when new functionalities are introduced, mergers or acquisitions take place or when you upgrade to a new version.

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201401_belgium-iconOn the 1st of January 2014, the new Belgian legislation to regard the blue-collar and white-collar workers as equal was official. As the new rules are immediately applicable on all labor agreements, it is important that not only Human Resources specialists, but all employees are aware of what is changing. Even with Google, it is not easy to find the correct and relevant information on this topic. Here is an overview of some interesting links related to this new legislation.

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When running a business, efficiency, proactivity and flexibility are key. This applies to Large Enterprises but even more to Small and Medium Companies (SMEs). Decision makers need accurate data to steer their company. They require it fast, and in a usable, pragmatic way.

World-class ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics AX and SAP Business All-in-One are now affordable and usable for SMEs. If compared correctly, these ERP solutions offer a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than outdated tailor-made systems (e.g. developments on AS400).

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Evolution of business intelligence

Ever since the beginning of Business Intelligence, people have been creating reports on how their company is doing. From these reports all kinds of information can be read, from stock to quality assurance, and from financial facts to production line specifics. As valuable as this information is, there is one fact that remains an issue. All this information is retrieved from data from the past. Basically, this means all these reports merely show what already happened.

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Youngsters vs fossils 

Over the past 10 years, our company has been growing at an ever increasing pace. We grew in numbers, in countries, in technologies, in knowledge and in experience. In September 2013, more than 40 newcomers joined. Some of our employees had already been gathering experience and knowledge for more than 20 years at the time some of these newcomers were born. They are an enormous source of expertise that this young generation, whom are the future of our company, must draw from as much as possible. However, our Delaware Consulting ‘fossils’ can also learn from this younger, tech-savvy generation.  They have a fresh knowledge of the newest technologies and they are living in a world of social media, iPhones and selfies.  In a company where several generations are living next to each other, a bi-directional knowledge sharing is indispensable.

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You do not implement ERP software as an out of the box software package. It does not only require an investment of money, but also a not negligible amount of time and resources. And in the end, you expect the investment to be worth it.

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The CIO is one of the most recent C-levels. Whereas other roles like CEO, CFO and COO already exist for many decades, the CIO has only recently joined the boardroom in a lot of growing organizations.

If CIOs want to stay there in the future, they’d better read Darwin’s Origin of Species.  Only by adapting themselves to the changing environment, CIOs will remain relevant to their organization.

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How it started

It all happened some 15 years ago. 3 years earlier, we started to develop business with SAP in the SME space at Delaware. This initiative was really becoming a success story. I had a wide range of responsibilities and was allowed to do whatever I deemed necessary to move things forward. I was leading our small team of 15 SAP consultants, was involved in the hiring progress to further expand that team, was managing several projects and still took up the role as an SAP logistics consultant.On the private side, I was happily married and we already had 2 nice children. We had moved to our own, new house and we were landscaping our garden. So everything was going well! 

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