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The Mount Everest among projects

If projects were mountains, then implementing an ERP system surely would be like climbing Mount Everest. When you implement an ERP system, you touch all elements of the organization (people, processes, systems) at all levels. Unsurprisingly, the percentage of ERP implementations that achieve the full expected benefits is only slightly higher than the success rate of reaching the summit of Mount Everest. According to a study by Panorama Consulting in 2013, only 44% of ERP implementations achieved 50% or more of the expected benefits. The success rate for achieving the summit of the Mount Everest is 29,4%, for 100% of the benefits.

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What does it mean to sell?

Selling is a way of first letting someone discover what his needs are and then let him believe that your product or service is exactly the solution to his problem. When selling services and solutions it is also “advisable” to make that person believe that it was his own idea in the first place!

Secrets from the science of persuasion

I discovered this nice video on YouTube: Secrets of the science of persuasion. It is made by Professor Robert Cialdini from Arizona University and is based on years of research.

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The core meaning of innovation is finding and implementing better ways to do things. As an SAP channel partner we try to stay on top of the latest innovations, and deliver them to our customers in a best practice way. This helps our clients do things more efficiently and effectively.

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Getting started is never easy. How do you start your implementation project? Unfortunately, there is no easy ‘Press here’ start button. There are numerous best practices available, but these are quite subjective. What works for one business unit can partially or even totally not work for other departments. However, actions can be adapted for your organization in order to help you in moving into the right direction.

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