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Thank you for your visit. After a period of intensively producing blog articles of various topics, we decided to give our blog a summer break. If we have a look at our top 3 articles of the first half of 2014, we are happy to notice that you appreciate our diversity of topics.

  1. Celebrating the 15th anniversary of my burnout, by Jan Delaere
  2. The story of a working mum at Delaware Consulting, by Ilse Brock
  3. Five reasons why an SME needs a state-of-the-art ERP solution, by Jonathan De Brouwer

Which article did you like most? Curious to hear!

Our blog will be back on August 19. During its absence it will not be able to publish any new article.

Meanwhile, do not hesitate to explore our archive.

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Your curriculum vitae is often your first introduction to a company. It can be your ticket to the next step in the application procedure. So take your time and think about the form, the content and how you want to present it. It should make you stand out among all other applicants for the job you want.

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In the past weeks ADAM Software finalized its strategic alliance with Sitecore.

Sitecore and ADAM Software

Enterprise brands that are looking for an omnichannel experience can rely on Sitecore. Which brand does not want integrated marketing messages across websites, emails, mobile, e-shopping and distribution? Sitecore is the global leader in customer experience management.

ADAM Software is a leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Product Content Management (PCM) software provider. Its primary goal is to “make marketing easier”. From content creation to great customer experience, its technology simplifies and improves every aspect of the marketing cycle.

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A few years ago, I graduated and got my first job. My internship company offered me that job, and I was happy to accept it. Despite the economic crisis at that time, it was the second job offer I got in a period of 2 years. Both offers came from companies at which I served an internship. Was it thanks to my extraordinary personal performance that I was offered these opportunities? Was it the network that I gained as an intern? Or was it just a dose of good luck?

I am sure it was a combination of everything mentioned above. And that is probably the most interesting aspect about an internship. Internships are a great way to invest in your career. There is a mutual benefit for both the intern and the internship company. But let’s focus on the first one.

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In the first game Belgium had to play during this year’s World Cup, the bench saved our match. Only when Mertens and Fellaini were sent to the field,  the Red Devils were able to score. During the preparation of this World Cup, the composition of the team of trainer Marc Wilmots was criticized a lot. Benteke was injured and could not join the World Cup. Wilmots chose to take Origi to Brazil. A lot of people wondered why he made this choice, as Origi is only 19 years old and did not show much of his potential until now.

But then, during the match against Russia, Origi really showed what he was worth. This young man scored the decision making goal in the 88th minute of the game, and became our national hero.

Choosing the right team is very important during this World Cup. It is a difficult task for the coach. This choice can decide if you win a game or lose it. In project management, it is the same. You choose a team that helps you deliver a project. Of course, you have to take this with a grain of salt, as you are also dependent on the availability of the people.

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