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Next Monday, many new graduates will – after having spent almost their entire life at school – start their professional career in a multitude of companies and organizations. At Delaware Consulting, we are getting ready to welcome 50 graduates.

Growth or consolidation?

Although we had planned to make 2014 a year of consolidation, increased customer demand has made us decide to step up the hiring process again. Most customers continue to specifically ask for experienced profiles. At Delaware Consulting, however, we have a tradition to also hire young people, fresh from school.

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The title of this blog post is a statement of a CEO of a major retailer I worked for. He is convinced that every manager should be able to manage change, and that we do not need to invent a separate job called “change manager”.

He is right. Every manager should be able to manage change, like every manager should know how to monitor, measure, motivate, delegate, manage projects, coach, have a vision, follow up, and a thousand things more.

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Remember the good old days, let’s say 2007. Didn’t you feel guilty to use this unprofessional and free search engine named Google to help your clients? Back then, you also probably thought that a huge wiki INSIDE your company was the most important asset for IT people?

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August is coming to an end. The majority of colleagues is returning to work. Holiday season is almost over and people are starting to look forward to Christmas. Batteries recharged, re-energized, ready to get back to business! Right?

In reality, living in the connected world means the boundaries between work and holidays have never been so thin. Even in the most remote places you can check your emails. Your private and professional phone have become one and when you come home from vacation, you need to catch up on hundreds of emails.

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