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Every year on September 1st something remarkable happens at Delaware Consulting. You arrive at our Kortrijk office early in the morning, but it is hard to find an available parking spot?! Then you see all the new cars lined up and realize: “ah, it’s the first day of the juniors”. A new generation is starting their career at Delaware Consulting!

In the past month we conducted in-depth interviews with every one of them. This is how we try to find out the answers to the questions: “Who are they? ”, “What is their passion? ”, “What motivates them?”. We also asked them: “What is your favorite holiday destination and why?”. This resulted in some interesting insights that we would like to share with you below.

We are happy to introduce you the new generation of Delaware Consulting!

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The Special Olympics are very close to our Delawarean hearts. Over the past few weeks, more than 100 of us dedicated one day to volunteering for this great cause. We wanted to give you a peek behind the curtain and show you what it’s actually like to spend a day helping out at the games. That’s why we’ve asked a couple of our co-workers what tasks they were given on their Special day.

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Operational Excellence is a hot topic and is used in different contexts. In this article, I will focus on some practical examples within Maintenance or Enterprise Asset Management, to help you achieve excellence in these domains.

Improve your hands on tool time

Do you like shopping in a grocery store? I don’t. I can strongly recommend you to try online shopping. It is a piece of cake, and it saves you loads of time. Go to the web shop and order what you need. Your items will be delivered in time or you can collect them at a collection point of your choice. 

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People just do not want change!

The generally accepted theorem in change management is that people are change-averse. People prefer things to stay the way they are. In reality, however, there are numerous examples that prove this is not always the case. People actually seek out change, even you. You move houses, get married, have a baby, buy a new car, move to a new country, change jobs, etc.

In all these cases, you are not averse to changing your current situation. You are excited about the change and are looking forward to it. This does not prevent you from also being somewhat anxious and nervous about these changes, but the positive and motivating aspects trump the anxiety about the step into the unknown.

Would it not be fantastic if you could get people in your organization equally motivated about your change projects? Is that even possible?

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Your job or your wife: what would you choose? ‘Easy question’, I hear you say. But what if we change only 1 character?

Your job or your life?
This makes it a bit more complex, doesn’t it?

Be passionate in what you do

Jobs nowadays are not just jobs. If you are motivated and passionate in what you do, you are not counting working hours, not even years. New challenges make it even more exciting, they make you push yourself always further, stay eager to learn and invest all the time you have to make it work.  

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It has become a yearly tradition quite some people are looking forward to: our cycling event at the end of August. For the first time, we were not heading for the Alps, but for the French Pyrenees. Our sponsor – Group Ghistelinck – provided us some vans to get all our equipment and riders on site.

The joy already began at the parking of our Kortrijk office, despite the early hour on a Saturday morning. Some 1200 km further south, our hotel near the top of the Col du Soulor was waiting for us.

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Today we are challenged with new business models caused by globalization and new technologies with the ‘cloud’ as an increasingly popular tool. Unfortunately, the new complexity of regulation does not lead us to heaven.

Risks of data security and data protection

Cloud services are highly valued thanks to their flexibility and user-friendliness. However, you must not forget to take into account the risks of data security and data protection. Therefore it is vital to mitigate the following risks:

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In Belgium we used to hear stories about blackouts in other parts of the world, e.g. in India in 2012, in California in the early 2000s, and in regions with extreme cold conditions. Here, however, we did not experience any big problems with the power supply in the past, except for the problem on November 4 2006. An incident in Germany had a domino effect on the whole of Europe. I remember this incident, as I happen to live in a city in a ‘rural area’ where the power was switched off as a preventative measure.

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The World Cup 2014 for soccer is already a thing from the past. I look forward to another World Cup being held in 2015: rugby!

The rugby term ‘scrum’ is already well-known in the world of IT. The use of the term is embedded in several aspects of project management. It basically means sticking your heads together to brainstorm or to provide updates on specific topics. But did you know there are more aspects of rugby that can be compared to our business?

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