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In 2004, Delaware Consulting decided to build a Microsoft Dynamics AX offering, next to the existing SAP practice. The past 10 years have been a wonderful journey. Along the way, we found the definition of 3 key pillars to be the foundation of durable growth: team & culture, projects and vision. In this interview, Jan De Bock, manager in the Microsoft AX team, talks in depth about our view on the third pillar: vision.

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Arteveldehogeschool (AHS) is Flanders’ second largest university college with more than 12000 registrations. They offer state-of-the-art degree programs which are considered being an educational reference in Flanders. AHS is situated in Ghent, the main Belgian student city. Due to the expansion of student enrolments, accompanied with a lagging government funding, it has become a challenge to work increasingly cost-efficient while preserving educational excellence and student support. At the same time a fast evolution of the digital environment has made it important to invest in infrastructure and in IT projects. In this context the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX was an important step forward.

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In 2004, Delaware Consulting launched its Microsoft Dynamics AX offering. Today, the Microsoft AX Team is a young and dynamic group, coached by experienced consultants. The team exudes the unique culture of Delaware Consulting.

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“The future always comes too fast and in the wrong order.” (Alvin Toffler)

De inmiddels dertig jaar oude uitspraken van Toffler over de huidige samenleving zijn bijzonder treffend!

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In 2004, Delaware Consulting decided to build a Microsoft Dynamics AX offering, next to the existing SAP practice. Today, we have come a far way. The Microsoft AX team adds up to 40 consultants, including 6 young graduates who started in September 2014. They even succeeded in facilitating 8 go-lives in the month of January 2014.

The journey was not always easy. There were highs and lows. Along the way we had to question and redefine ourselves. This resulted in the evolution of three key pillars: team & culture, projects and vision.

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Personalization is one of the major buzzwords in Digital Marketing today. We are all a big fan of personalized service as offered in our favorite brick and mortar stores, but many of us struggle to translate this analog prerogative to a digital environment.

Men are receiving special offers for pink, fluffy sweaters (if that is what you’re into, more power to you) and hardcore cyclists are getting good deals for fishing lure. Sure, the e-mails that were sent out started out with a personalized salutation to a Mr. or Mrs. John or Jane Doe, but that is where the story ends.

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De Nederlandse maakindustrie maakt een forse opmars door. De verplaatsing van productie naar lagelonenlanden leek een haast onomkeerbare trend in te zetten waarbij steeds meer industrie het land zou verlaten, maar niets is minder waar. Bedrijven ontdekken namelijk dat er tal van voordelen zitten aan het dicht(er) bij huis produceren en hiermee lijkt het ’Made in Holland’-credo op een belangrijke en waardevolle trend te wijzen.

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Delaware Digital is proud to announce that it has been nominated with its Pergo project for the People’s Choice in the Sitecore Experience Awards ’14. The website with the most votes will receive the award for the People’s Choice. If you are as proud as we are of the outstanding result that has been accomplished, we encourage you to cast your vote for the Pergo website before November 17 on this site.

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Don’t panic. The purpose of this blog post is not to explain how, let’s say, column storage is different from row storage. This will not be a presentation of all technical details of SAP HANA. Instead, you will discover what HANA can mean to you.

As not all of you might have the same level of understanding of HANA, let’s just start with a small recap of what it is all about.

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Trying to understand what an SAP consultant does

One year ago, October 2013. We started our last year as a student. At that moment, we never expected the busy and exciting year that was about to begin. First on the agenda was graduating, but being a graduating student also meant thinking about what came after the life as a student. Would we start looking for a job? Extend our knowledge with an extra year at university? Or travel the world and look for opportunities abroad?

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