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… is the post-evaluation. Ask yourself: how often do you measure the success of your internal communication campaigns? But if you don’t measure success, how can you tell whether your communication was successful? How can you learn from past experiences?

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It’s that time of the year again. There is no escaping the end-of-year lists. After an intensive year of fine-tuning the articles for this blog, I would love to share you my favorites of 2014!

The one that generated the most traffic to our blog
April 9th was the busiest day on our blog in 2014. Why? The day before, the article ‘The story of a working mum at Delaware Consulting‘ was published. If you are still struggling to combine your busy job with being a mum or dad, check out Ilse’s lovely tips in this great post.

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You work for a fashion company. How is your relationship with your current software package? Not satisfying anymore? Or are you a software single? Did you ever consider going cube with SAP AFS (Apparel and Footwear)?

Fashion is complex

This SAP industry-specific solution fulfills the specific demands for the fashion industry, which is characterized by a high level of complexity. Assume you sell shirts. You will wear one unique piece yourself during your date when going cube! Your shirt exists in a variety of models, colors and sizes. Size conversion is often needed, for example a German L is the same as a European XL. And because you want to look impressive for your date, you have specific demands for labels and packaging. The business demand is highly seasonal and as a result overstock is hard to get rid of. A lot to take when you are software single or when your software relationship is having hard times. Let me introduce you to SAP AFS, and let’s see if you’re a match!

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“Information has become free, fast and abundant, and we have to learn how to handle it in the most optimal way”. A nice quote I heard in the documentary Econoshock 2.0 of journalist Michaël Van Droogenbroeck on Canvas. In not much more than 50 years our pattern of information consumption has changed drastically.  We have moved from a one-directional, limited model to an online multidirectional, open information system to gather, share and create information in all kind of forms and on all sorts of devices. Although the explosion of information was enormous the last years, the amount of information will even become more excessive. Trends show that data and content mining will increase the available information.

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From Windows to Yosemite

I recently bought a MacBook Air. As I have worked on Microsoft Windows laptops my entire life, I was a bit apprehensive about quickly getting the hang of the specific Mac user interface. Making abstraction of the fact that the store offers a free 3-hour training course with the purchase (which I still need to schedule by the way), the 30-minute demo given by the sales clerk in the store enabled me to start working right away.

The interactions between me – the user – and the laptop are actually quite intuitive. It does take some practice to get used to it. Sometimes, I still find myself trying to right-click to get the menu of options displayed, but this habit is quickly fading. In fact it is slowly reversing. Sometimes, I now try gestures that work on the Mac but are useless on a Windows laptop.

Why am I telling all this? Well, there is a clear parallel between my transition from a Windows laptop to a Mac and the introduction of a new system in your company. Granted, the analogy doesn’t hold completely, but the similarities are significant enough to make this comparison.

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