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7 am. iPhone breaks the silence. Internet modems switch on. Six degrees outside. Foggy.

iPhone accompanies me to the bathroom. Email downloads. First communications. Fresh coffee, bread, two smartphones and a tablet on the breakfast table. Newspapers, traffic jams, parking lots, calendars, the first chats. The day has started.

8.7 billion things connected to the internet

When Steve Jobs launched the iPhone in 2007, he must have had a vision.

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De toekomst van de maakindustrie staat in het teken van de ’smart factory’. Ik heb geen glazen bol, maar in mijn vorige blog ‘Industrie 4.0 transformeert maakindustrie’ beschrijf ik welke mogelijkheden en kansen ons – in de nabije toekomst – te wachten staan.

In het kort? Deze – op kennis gestuurde – evolutie in de manufacturing wereld stuurt op zakelijke en operationele optimalisaties om verbeterde productiviteit, duurzaamheid en economische prestaties te behalen. Integratie lijkt daarbij het sleutelwoord voor de toekomst te zijn. Hoewel mondialisering en opkomst van nieuwe concurrenten jarenlang hoog op de agenda stonden, lijkt de Nederlandse maakindustrie zich nu te richten op innovatieve ketenintegratie voor een betere samenwerking met klanten en leveranciers.

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In the business environment, everything has always been about documents. We all can imagine the time when desks were stacked full with paper and dossiers. Do you remember the time when we used to print every document and archive it in folders and file cabinets? Or when your colleague was waiting on the file you were about to finish?

Nowadays this isn’t fancy anymore. The trend today is a paperless office. Store everything in the cloud! But how? Every business has probably wrapped his head around at least one of the following questions ‘how are we going to store our documents in the best possible way?’, ‘How can we work together efficiently on our documents within a project?’ or even ‘How are we going to find back all this information that we have stored in our documents?’

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‘Saturday Night Fever’ is a well-known old movie. But its contents are quite actual. If you want to realize your forever consultancy dream, it’s possible. But you will have to fight for it. Step into the IT consultancy meritocracy and experience your personal fever. Stephanie and Tony will tell you.

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Our business world is changing at an unprecedented speed. Whether you like it or not, you need a new way of working to cope with it.

Let’s see. Do you recognize yourself in the following situations?

The volume of data, business-related electronic communications and the complexity of the applications are generating an information overload that is difficult to digest by your employees. This requires a more efficient management, allowing to only provide personalized and relevant information to your employees.

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Companies currently have an increasing focus on growth. Is your company as well? I would like to share some observations from a legal point of view. These are not meant to be blocking. However, it is important that you are more ‘aware’ of the implications of every (little or huge) step you are going to take.

Legal and growth don’t have to be observed as ‘cursing in the church’.

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Let’s start with the basics of marketing, the 4 Ps: Product, Place, Price and Promotion. They were introduced by McCarthy in the 1960s and have been used ever since to define marketing strategies. Since then, we have come a long way and although the 4 Ps are still valid, we now also have to decide on omnichannel approach, customer experience, customer value and technology.

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