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Every day at Delaware Consulting, people are reminded of the 5 company values: care, entrepreneurship, team spirit, commitment and respect. They are ever-present, living and breathing, without actually being mentioned literally too often. It is something you feel immediately when you are confronted with our colleagues and teams.

In the coming months, we’ll be welcoming a whole batch of fresh colleagues. But they won’t be colleagues for too long, they’ll quickly become more than that: they’ll become “Delawareians”, which is almost a synonym for ‘Best Friends’!

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I was a journalist back in the 90s. At that moment, social media was not there yet. LinkedIn was launched in 2003, Facebook saw daylight in 2004, and Twitter was born in 2006. Because of social media, there’s no central authority in the press anymore. That decentralization becomes common: everybody can become important at once when the message is good.
Social media has a huge impact on our lives. But some people are still resistant. Vote for or against social media after reading the 5 remarks below.

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Oh, it’s so tempting to use buzzwords. They make you look smart and hip. They get you additional attention. Your meaningless sentences suddenly get more depth. But hardly ever do buzzwords add value to a text. Or to the point you’re making.

At a recent workshop on writing for the web, we received an interesting question from a participant: “should you (not) use buzzwords?” We came up with the following answer: when you write for a website, or any other piece of content that is fairly static and that does not instigate much interactivity, it’s best to stay away from buzzwords. When you’re blogging or tweeting, it may be OK to use buzzwords to quickly draw attention.

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