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“But first there was life, hidden beneath the blah, blah, blah… It’s all settled beneath the chitter chatter and the noise, silence and sentiment, emotion and fear. The haggard, inconstant flashes of beauty. And then the wretched squalor and miserable humanity. All buried under the cover of the embarrassment of being in the world, blah, blah, blah… Beyond there is what lies beyond. “
[La grande Belezza]

We cannot close our eyes to the present terrorist threats and the widespread existing fear. The terror threat level for the Brussels Capital Region is being kept at the maximum of 4 (being a very concrete and imminent threat) and impacts the continuity of enterprises in the Brussels region. Also other European countries raised their threat levels.

From a legal point of view, there are lots of questions popping up. Obviously, our legal system is not written nor (well) adapted to similar exceptional events.

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Cloud computing exists in many forms. No doubt about that. But what type of cloud should you choose for your company, application or user community? What are the characteristics of a cloud solution?  And what are the criteria required by typical workloads?

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At the end of this year, I will step down as CEO of Delaware Consulting BeLux. I will remain an active partner of Delaware Consulting, though. And I am anxious to find different ways to remain valuable for our company. For many people, this seems a weird decision. So why does this happen?

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Would you like to be a strategist? If you ask the question to a group of MBA students, almost everybody raises hands. If you probe further, then it becomes clear that most students are interested in strategy formulation. Generating visionary ideas and exploring new opportunities is what entices students to be a strategist. As strategy practitioners, we roughly estimate that strategy is for 10% about inspiration and vision and for 90% about intense and disciplined execution and strategy project implementation. In fact, strategy is the art of bringing grand ideas into practice.

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Together with my colleagues Irina, Jelle, and Ivan, I got the chance the ‘broaden my horizon’ in Thailand by participating at the Fund Isaan project. What an unforgettable journey!

First of all, I want to highlight that it’s impossible to reveal all of my experiences in Thailand in this short blog. You need to undergo the adventure to truly understand what added value it brings to your life.

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