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Why some VIVES students were on the news last week

Did you know that one out of 3 people claim they have a food allergy or modify the family diet because one of the family members is suspected of having a food allergy? Striking numbers! With the help of Delaware Consulting, a number of students developed an app that can make life easier.

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A funny thing happened when I was hosting an HR event a couple of weeks ago. A man came to our booth asking for more information about our services. I told him about our business and explained the benefits and added value of SuccessFactors. SuccessFactors had absolutely no chance within his company, he told me, because they are too big. His organization had defined its own processes which definitely would not comply with a SaaS solution. After lunch, another person joined our booth. This lady was convinced that SuccessFactors was not a valid solution, because her organization was too small. The cost would be too high and she would never have her bosses convinced of the business case.

Now, who is right? Does size matter in this context?  

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A few weeks ago, we had the honor of having Cathy Daum, Senior VP SAP GPO EMEA,  as a speaker on our SAP Innovation Summit. In her keynote she explained SAP’s reasoning behind the aim to simplicity. Where does it come from?

There’s this simple observation that on average 10% of a company’s profit is lost due to complexity. Obviously, regulatory affairs and the business itself are causes of complexity, but technology (or the lack of it) is also an explanation.

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Did you hear the news? Conny will leave the company. A big shock. She knows all the carpet collections inside out. No problem for her to determine which designs are allowed for which carpet qualities. She made the engineering bill-of-materials (BOMs) to instruct subcontractors how to weave each possible, allowed combination. She knows everything. If product configuration would have set up in the software system, Conny could have left the company without bringing problems to the company.

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