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Make no mistake. It’s my home town Ghent, that is the smartest. And it deserves this title because in May 2016, it hosted the `JCI Smart City Challenge 2016. This massive brainstorming session brought together 230 people — citizens, representatives from companies and the midfield — to come up with great ideas to make the city a whole lot smarter. Put all these components together in the mix, and you get strong ideas that will now be realized.

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“The type of hobbies one chooses reflect in part of what type of person you are.” And in turn it influences your daily job, whether you notice it or not. Some of my previous blogs referred to my love for rugby, and what rugby can teach people working on projects. Earlier this year I read an article in the newspaper about a Belgian woman who, thanks to her yoga skills, survived 5 days in the Australian bush. It made me think about yoga and how my hobbies influence my job, or rather how I unconsciously use my passions in my job.

Yoga vs. project management

The article mentioned a quote from Véronique Biunkens:

“I used to be a Project Manager, and through my yoga I learned how I could calm myself whenever I started to feel anxious.”

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When you migrate to a new ERP backbone software system for your business, you don’t want a simple replacement. Instead, aim for long-term benefits that are in line with your strategic goals. This makes the presale phase especially challenging: normal features are expected to work, and candidate suppliers are compared based on long-term expectations. The danger, however, is that certain ‘special features’ will be immediately taken over into the implementation phase — hence the importance of phasing when undertaking any ERP backbone project. But how do you know which features that you, as a decision maker, should take into phase 1 of the implementation? And when should your (first) go-live take place?

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Ivo knew he had a problem. He had chaired yet another executive committee at his government agency where he felt like he was the only one who knew what direction the organization needed to take. The politicians responsible for the agency wanted it to become a modern service center that helped the government implement its policies. And Ivo knew exactly where the digital transformation should lead them. Unfortunately, most of the employees, including their managers, remained stuck in their ways. Change management was needed.

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The equivalent of a full-time job. That’s how much time the average company spends on manually entering product information into various types of retailer databases. A daunting task, to say the least — especially as the need for digitizing product information is increasing by the day. Even in sectors like the food industry, more and more products are being distributed through e-commerce channels, while EU regulations state that online purchasers should have access to exactly the same information as consumers buying a particular product in-store.

The digitization and online distribution of product information is a major and constant challenge for food manufacturers and retailers alike, that much is certain. These and other companies can definitely reap the rewards of a global and uniform product information database. That’s exactly where GDSN comes in.

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