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Social media has become prevalent in each and every marketing plan imaginable. We use it to interact with customers, launch campaigns, serve as a helpdesk, you name it. At this point, we have all agreed that social media provides added value for companies and consumers alike. That’s why it is time to take things to the next level.

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The UNILIN group is a well-known producer of laminate floors, engineered wood, decorative panels, insulation boards and many other products. A couple of years ago, they decided to start working with an offshore development team, together with Delaware Consulting. Offshore development was a hype at that moment, with many success cases, but with an equal amount of horror stories. In this post, we share with you some of Unilin’s best practices on how to make sure your offshore development project becomes a success case.

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For many years, Delaware Consulting has been implementing its FAST-Food™ solution in small and midsize companies. It is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) template for the food industry that combines specific content from SAP with industry expertise from Delaware Consulting. To share industry knowledge between our customers and our internal experts, we decided to create an online platform: the FAST-Food™ community. In this post, we will provide you with some advice on how to build a community, but we will also discuss the challenges we faced and still face. We use the example of our FAST-Food™ community, but the advice is applicable for building any online community.

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Source: Forrester Research, Inc.

Smartphones and tablets continue to gain popularity. For brands, that reality is both an opportunity and a threat:

  • First the good news: each additional touch point (store, print, web, mobile, … ) offers a new way to get your message across; an extra business opportunity. The numbers prove it: in the next 6 months, 13% of tablet users are likely to purchase something, and 10% of smartphone users (Forrester 2012)
  • Whether at work, at home, or on the road, always-connected customers find different touch points to interact with your brand and they have increasing expectations. If you don’t meet those, your prospects may not feel understood, be disappointed and become unsure about your brand.
    You’ll need to work hard and offer a consistent multi-channel experience.

When working on a unified customer experience strategy, never forget these two key success drivers: organize your team and implement the right technology stack.

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Recently, Delaware consulting was awarded with no less than three prizes – of a total of seven – at the SAP Belgium Ecosystem & Channels Partners Quarterly Event: ‘Best Performing Partner 2012’, ‘Best Net New Names Partner 2012’ and ‘Best RDS Partner 2012’. Winning this many awards is considered to be an exceptional performance within the SAP community. Both the nature and the amount of awards are confirmation for our professionalism and business drive in our services offering.

Continuing down this path of success we are also shortlisted for the Data News ‘Awards for excellence 2013’ in the ‘Consulting company of the year’-category.

Stay tuned on Delaware Consulting’s  social media channels to find out if we won! May the force be with us!


Author: Jens Ponnet. You can follow Jens on Twitter (@JPonnet) or connect with him on LinkedIn

SharePoint is a wonderful tool, but it is also a very deceptive one.  Companies often view it as a cheap alternative for a document management system, but it has so much more potential. And that comes at a price… Organizations launching themselves in the SharePoint adventure, should therefore carefully consider some basics: what can it do, what will I use it for, what might I use it for in the future and who – inside or outside my organization – will take care of that.

When you have bought a Windows Server license and once windows is running smoothly, installation of SharePoint and giving access to the users is peanuts for your administrator.  But that is just the beginning.  You start using it as an advanced file share, but then … your employees start discovering what SharePoint can really do. They create a little workflow to approve documents and start using the calendar and one by one functionalities are being added.

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