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‘Saturday Night Fever’ is a well-known old movie. But its contents are quite actual. If you want to realize your forever consultancy dream, it’s possible. But you will have to fight for it. Step into the IT consultancy meritocracy and experience your personal fever. Stephanie and Tony will tell you.

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In 2004, Delaware Consulting launched its Microsoft Dynamics AX offering. Today, the Microsoft AX Team is a young and dynamic group, coached by experienced consultants. The team exudes the unique culture of Delaware Consulting.

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Author: Stefan Dupont. You can follow Stefan on Twitter (@stefan1302) or connect with him on LinkedIn

Trying to understand what an SAP consultant does

One year ago, October 2013. We started our last year as a student. At that moment, we never expected the busy and exciting year that was about to begin. First on the agenda was graduating, but being a graduating student also meant thinking about what came after the life as a student. Would we start looking for a job? Extend our knowledge with an extra year at university? Or travel the world and look for opportunities abroad?

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Your job or your wife: what would you choose? ‘Easy question’, I hear you say. But what if we change only 1 character?

Your job or your life?
This makes it a bit more complex, doesn’t it?

Be passionate in what you do

Jobs nowadays are not just jobs. If you are motivated and passionate in what you do, you are not counting working hours, not even years. New challenges make it even more exciting, they make you push yourself always further, stay eager to learn and invest all the time you have to make it work.  

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A few years ago, I graduated and got my first job. My internship company offered me that job, and I was happy to accept it. Despite the economic crisis at that time, it was the second job offer I got in a period of 2 years. Both offers came from companies at which I served an internship. Was it thanks to my extraordinary personal performance that I was offered these opportunities? Was it the network that I gained as an intern? Or was it just a dose of good luck?

I am sure it was a combination of everything mentioned above. And that is probably the most interesting aspect about an internship. Internships are a great way to invest in your career. There is a mutual benefit for both the intern and the internship company. But let’s focus on the first one.

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How it all began

My story at Delaware Consulting starts in 2001. My goal was to become a good SAP project consultant. In Delaware Consulting, I found a company where I really felt the fit with my vision, and I wanted to be part of that community.

There were some key points that convinced me to join this company. I could immediately identify myself with the down-to-earth attitude. With our Sherpa mindset, we enable our customers to excel in their business without the urge to be in the spotlight. Secondly, I valued the long-term vision on customers, the company and the Delaware Consulting people respecting the fact that we are all unique individuals sharing a dream to co-construct our company.

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Sometimes graduates ask me whether it is still a good idea to become an SAP consultant, since every software package is bound to become obsolete one day. They fear that the expertise built up during the years as an SAP consultant will become worthless should the software ever become outdated. Such technological revolution could be a threat for their career.

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No… Yes… It depends…
This is my answer to the question whether it is easy to combine working as a senior manager at Delaware Consulting and being the mum of a now 3-year-old, cute, little girl called Alena.

Experiencing the happiness of being a mother has drastically changed the way I look at life and work.  It forced me to change not only my point of view, but also to rearrange some habits in my professional and private life. Let me share you 4 things that help me to be a working mum.

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In 2004, Jan De Bock started as a freshman at Delaware Consulting in the SAP division. Now, 9 years later, he makes the switch from SAP to Microsoft AX. Why such a career move? Was he bored of SAP? Did he want something else, and was Microsoft a more attractive solution? Was it his choice, and why? I was very curious to hear, and decided to ask him all of my questions. This is his story.

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