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As a customer in a world of companies that all want their piece of the pie, it feels great when a company really listens to you and is eager to meet your needs. I am very sensitive when it comes to services and support. Even more, I’d say that services and support matter more to me than the quality of a product. When you purchase a product and customer service is bad or even nonexistent, you’ll think twice before buying from that company again, won’t you?

The customer experience is the next competitive battleground.”

– Jerry Gregoire (CIO, Dell Computers)

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Let’s start off this story with a joke:

 “80 percent of time spent by data scientists is related to data preparation. The other 20 percent of the time, they complain about having to do so much data preparation”.

I have been working in data warehousing and analytics for almost 10 years now. 10 years ago, I indeed spent most of my time fetching data from different data sources, combining and transforming it to get it into the required format.

Is data integration still relevant?

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Why some VIVES students were on the news last week

Did you know that one out of 3 people claim they have a food allergy or modify the family diet because one of the family members is suspected of having a food allergy? Striking numbers! With the help of Delaware Consulting, a number of students developed an app that can make life easier.

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A funny thing happened when I was hosting an HR event a couple of weeks ago. A man came to our booth asking for more information about our services. I told him about our business and explained the benefits and added value of SuccessFactors. SuccessFactors had absolutely no chance within his company, he told me, because they are too big. His organization had defined its own processes which definitely would not comply with a SaaS solution. After lunch, another person joined our booth. This lady was convinced that SuccessFactors was not a valid solution, because her organization was too small. The cost would be too high and she would never have her bosses convinced of the business case.

Now, who is right? Does size matter in this context?  

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Cloud computing exists in many forms. No doubt about that. But what type of cloud should you choose for your company, application or user community? What are the characteristics of a cloud solution?  And what are the criteria required by typical workloads?

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Did you already retrain your IT staff?

Change has always been common in IT.  However, over the last years there is a new evolution, which has a major impact on IT as we know it. Nobody can ignore it.  It’s called cloud computing. It exists in many flavors (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS,…) and we believe we’re just seeing the start of it.

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The risks of cloud computing? Vendor lock-in, data security and compliancy, and quality of service (i.e. availability, continuity and performance) are most commonly mentioned as intrinsic risks.
The most significant risk of cloud computing, however, is the denial of its actual and future importance. Let us explain why.

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Are you still in doubt about moving your business to the cloud? Do you believe that the cloud isn’t ready yet, that it is too soon? Well, with the Delaware Consulting Cloud Taskforce, we think we can change your mind and we’re not alone on this. According to Gartner’s Hype Cycle, cloud computing has reached a maturity that leads it into a productive phase. So stay with me and I will explain you why cloud is a reality.

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In the business environment, everything has always been about documents. We all can imagine the time when desks were stacked full with paper and dossiers. Do you remember the time when we used to print every document and archive it in folders and file cabinets? Or when your colleague was waiting on the file you were about to finish?

Nowadays this isn’t fancy anymore. The trend today is a paperless office. Store everything in the cloud! But how? Every business has probably wrapped his head around at least one of the following questions ‘how are we going to store our documents in the best possible way?’, ‘How can we work together efficiently on our documents within a project?’ or even ‘How are we going to find back all this information that we have stored in our documents?’

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Our business world is changing at an unprecedented speed. Whether you like it or not, you need a new way of working to cope with it.

Let’s see. Do you recognize yourself in the following situations?

The volume of data, business-related electronic communications and the complexity of the applications are generating an information overload that is difficult to digest by your employees. This requires a more efficient management, allowing to only provide personalized and relevant information to your employees.

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