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An important aspect in the building and maintaining of a strong corporate identity, are the company images. If you want your corporate identity to breathe your company culture, it is key to have a clear understanding of what your company stands for. What are your company values? What makes your company culture so unique?

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Every day at Delaware Consulting, people are reminded of the 5 company values: care, entrepreneurship, team spirit, commitment and respect. They are ever-present, living and breathing, without actually being mentioned literally too often. It is something you feel immediately when you are confronted with our colleagues and teams.

In the coming months, we’ll be welcoming a whole batch of fresh colleagues. But they won’t be colleagues for too long, they’ll quickly become more than that: they’ll become “Delawareians”, which is almost a synonym for ‘Best Friends’!

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We recently announced the hiring of our 1000th employee. This is a good time to look back on the past as well as to look into the future. Growth of the overall economy is stalled these days. Is aiming for growth of your own business still a good thing?

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In 2004, Delaware Consulting launched its Microsoft Dynamics AX offering. Today, the Microsoft AX Team is a young and dynamic group, coached by experienced consultants. The team exudes the unique culture of Delaware Consulting.

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Author: Stefan Dupont. You can follow Stefan on Twitter (@stefan1302) or connect with him on LinkedIn

In 2004, Delaware Consulting decided to build a Microsoft Dynamics AX offering, next to the existing SAP practice. Today, we have come a far way. The Microsoft AX team adds up to 40 consultants, including 6 young graduates who started in September 2014. They even succeeded in facilitating 8 go-lives in the month of January 2014.

The journey was not always easy. There were highs and lows. Along the way we had to question and redefine ourselves. This resulted in the evolution of three key pillars: team & culture, projects and vision.

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Trying to understand what an SAP consultant does

One year ago, October 2013. We started our last year as a student. At that moment, we never expected the busy and exciting year that was about to begin. First on the agenda was graduating, but being a graduating student also meant thinking about what came after the life as a student. Would we start looking for a job? Extend our knowledge with an extra year at university? Or travel the world and look for opportunities abroad?

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Do you find the title of this article strange? Should it not be normal and obvious for all of us, to love our job? But do you know how many people drag themselves to work? How many people experience long and boring days and have no satisfaction in their work? Unfortunately, there are quite a few: 1 out of 5! I am happy not to be one of them.

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It has become a yearly tradition quite some people are looking forward to: our cycling event at the end of August. For the first time, we were not heading for the Alps, but for the French Pyrenees. Our sponsor – Group Ghistelinck – provided us some vans to get all our equipment and riders on site.

The joy already began at the parking of our Kortrijk office, despite the early hour on a Saturday morning. Some 1200 km further south, our hotel near the top of the Col du Soulor was waiting for us.

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In the first game Belgium had to play during this year’s World Cup, the bench saved our match. Only when Mertens and Fellaini were sent to the field,  the Red Devils were able to score. During the preparation of this World Cup, the composition of the team of trainer Marc Wilmots was criticized a lot. Benteke was injured and could not join the World Cup. Wilmots chose to take Origi to Brazil. A lot of people wondered why he made this choice, as Origi is only 19 years old and did not show much of his potential until now.

But then, during the match against Russia, Origi really showed what he was worth. This young man scored the decision making goal in the 88th minute of the game, and became our national hero.

Choosing the right team is very important during this World Cup. It is a difficult task for the coach. This choice can decide if you win a game or lose it. In project management, it is the same. You choose a team that helps you deliver a project. Of course, you have to take this with a grain of salt, as you are also dependent on the availability of the people.

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