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As a leader and entrepreneur, you go through different stages when growing ‘your enterprise’, while learning some valuable lessons along the way. Here are some of my lessons learned that may guide you through your own journey.

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How it started

It all happened some 15 years ago. 3 years earlier, we started to develop business with SAP in the SME space at Delaware. This initiative was really becoming a success story. I had a wide range of responsibilities and was allowed to do whatever I deemed necessary to move things forward. I was leading our small team of 15 SAP consultants, was involved in the hiring progress to further expand that team, was managing several projects and still took up the role as an SAP logistics consultant.On the private side, I was happily married and we already had 2 nice children. We had moved to our own, new house and we were landscaping our garden. So everything was going well! 

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