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Installing computer classes in one of the poorest regions of Thailand. That was the task of our volunteer team consisting of Klaas from Deloitte and Yvan and Jelle from Delaware Consulting. In a timeframe of 2 weeks this team had to install 5 new computer classes and repair all classes that were installed by Fund Isaan over the last 3 years. Did they succeed?

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You should not think of sponsoring student organizations as purely buying advertisement. It is so much more. It is part of your Corporate Social Responsibility. Consider it supporting your future employees. In fact, it is not about sponsoring at all. It’s about a strategic partnership with mutual benefits.

Nowadays student organizations have become worthy strategic partners for companies. They create added value on a domain that no other professional organization has access to: an almost infinite source of highly skilled individuals. When you invest in student fraternities, you invest in your future employees.

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Do you find the title of this article strange? Should it not be normal and obvious for all of us, to love our job? But do you know how many people drag themselves to work? How many people experience long and boring days and have no satisfaction in their work? Unfortunately, there are quite a few: 1 out of 5! I am happy not to be one of them.

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Do you recognize the feeling of satisfaction when you are hanging out on the couch after a hard and long run? Did you ever get goosebumps when someone pays you a compliment for a well-performed accomplishment? These kinds of impulses enrich my daily life. They give me a sense of fulfillment and happiness. Recently, I discovered another way to add to this blissful feeling.

I never thought about charity as something I would participate in. I classified people working for charity as ‘hippies’. This idea changed when I considered running 20 kilometers to support a friend’s fundraiser, for a project in Nepal. When I shared this idea at work, some colleagues surprised me. They immediately suggested supporting me, by running at my side or donating for this project. These gestures left me speechless. The spontaneous responses made me smile all the way back home. I clearly had to change my mindset about charity. Putting effort into good causes does not only add to my happiness, but it also broadens my mind. It makes me stronger as a person.

Together with some of my good friends, I am putting a lot of effort into a project for Bangladesh. Did you know that 90% of the population in Bangladesh lives beneath the poverty line?

Are you eager to discover this enriching impulse as well?
Visit the website (in Dutch) and participate. You can also contact me personally.


Guest author: Jeroen-Jan Vroman. You can follow Jeroen-Jan on Twitter (@jjvroman) or connect with him on LinkedIn.
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It is quite a challenge if you have to prepare yourself to run 20 km. It involves drawing up a training schedule, and maybe even changing your diet. The farming families in Benin face a different challenge though.

Only a couple of years ago, rice was a luxury product for many families in Benin. The last years, however, the rice production has become increasingly important for the farmers. The demand for it from people in the cities has grown as well. To make sure the farmers can meet that demand, Vredeseilanden has been supporting farmer organizations for a couple of years now. This allows them to put the best quality rice on the market. In the future, the farmers want to continue professionalizing their work.

On Sunday 26 May, more than 40 Delaware Consulting runners ran the 20 km of Brussels for Vredeseilanden, to offer a better future to the Benin rice farmers.


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Author: Elke Weytens. You can follow Elke on Twitter (@weytense) or connect with her on LinkedIn

“If you can motivate at least 20 colleagues to participate, Delaware Consulting will support your sports event”, answered our CEO, Jan Delaere, enthusiastically to our request to register a company team for the 10 Miles of Antwerp. Team spirit and commitment are highly valued in our company, and what better way to stimulate them than in a healthy sports competition in the very city where we have one of our offices?

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