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“Dear Matthias, your 11-week internship will cover all functional aspects of the SAP Cloud for Customer application.”

After receiving this mail almost half a year ago, I still wasn’t a step closer to figuring out what my actual internship would be. I had heard the word ‘cloud’ before but heard so many different explanations that I didn’t know which one to believe.  We talked a lot about SAP in class but I had never worked with it before. To be honest, I was wondering if you really need to be a rocket scientist to be able to work with it.

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Microsoft released a new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft changed the user experience dramatically. Same thing happened with CRM 2013. The main idea about CRM 2013 is to give every user the same user experience, no matter which device he is using to access the CRM environment. In this post, we summarize the most important changes and the new possibilities of this version.

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On average, customers will tell 15 people when they’ve had a good experience with a brand. They will tell 24 people when they’ve had a bad one. In this day and age, where virtually everyone has a digital megaphone, this fact might frighten you. Heck, maybe it should.

Extreme customer centricity is one of the new challenges that marketers are facing in 2013. Customers want to be heard, and they want to be heard now. Actively taking your customers into account should be front and center for your business. Losing a client is always unfortunate, and it is important to keep in mind that it is 5 times more expensive to acquire a new customer as it is to retain an old one.

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Is your sales team still working with excel files to store client information? Is your production and inventory out of touch with what the sales force actually needs?  Do you have the feeling that you can get to know your customer even better?  If the answer is “Yes” to one or more of these questions, then your company will most likely benefit from a CRM implementation.

CRM is not only about pleasing your customers, which is a general misunderstanding. The benefits are multiple, like better forecasts, centralized data and enhancement of customer knowledge. The synchronization of sales and production in particular is a daunting task within a company.

Cosucra, a company that produces natural food ingredients, was facing this challenge. By implementing a SAP CRM solution, a best-in-class CRM was born.  This successful case is described in the latest CxO magazine.  In this article, Stephane Liekendael, Business Information Manager at Cosucra, explains why they decided to invest in a CRM tool. He demonstrates how tangible business value and benefits were created.

Don’t be fooled, this article is about more than just marketing. It is about a company that has embraced CRM a as an essential part of their daily processes!


 Author: Jens Ponnet. You can follow Jens on Twitter (@JPonnet) or connect with him on LinkedIn


Source: Forrester Research, Inc.

Smartphones and tablets continue to gain popularity. For brands, that reality is both an opportunity and a threat:

  • First the good news: each additional touch point (store, print, web, mobile, … ) offers a new way to get your message across; an extra business opportunity. The numbers prove it: in the next 6 months, 13% of tablet users are likely to purchase something, and 10% of smartphone users (Forrester 2012)
  • Whether at work, at home, or on the road, always-connected customers find different touch points to interact with your brand and they have increasing expectations. If you don’t meet those, your prospects may not feel understood, be disappointed and become unsure about your brand.
    You’ll need to work hard and offer a consistent multi-channel experience.

When working on a unified customer experience strategy, never forget these two key success drivers: organize your team and implement the right technology stack.

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UserAdoptionIsKeySince its increasing popularity in the nineties, CRM has gone through many evolutions. It has slowly won over the heart of management and allowed organizations to cherish their customers in just the right manner. But nowadays, a true CRM revolution is taking place: it is going mobile. Gartner states that by 2014, the number of mobile CRM apps will have grown by another 500% as compared to today.

This trend will have a tremendous impact on how sales reps work, how companies can cater to the needs of customers and – as a result – their profit.

But how to choose a mobile CRM app that matches your company perfectly when today’s market offer is so vast? Here are 5 top criteria – developed together with experienced sales people – you can follow to make sure that you find the most suitable and effective app.

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