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Excel sheets everywhere. Various versions of these spreadsheets. A huge amount of information in the heads of your employees. Do you also struggle to find the right information, in a time-efficient way?

Your data is there, but it is missing? Our customers Aveve and Bru Textiles also coped with this issue. With a Single Source of Truth implementation, they became more efficient. In their testimonials, Inge Huypens (Aveve) and Koen Van Mol (Bru Textiles) tell you what their true struggle was, how technology helped them to take a huge next step, and what they still see as opportunities for the future.

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It sounds like an unlikely combination: internal communication and thought leadership. While the former usually aims to inform and create change amongst the internal staff, the latter is usually deployed as a means for a company to stand out from its many competitors. Yet, in some cases, thought leadership can greatly reinforce the impact of internal communication. In some cases, you can even ‘externalize’ some of your internal communication. In today’s ‘open’ business reality, this can be the right thing to do. This blog delves deeper into how we did this recently for one of our clients, the global field and partner marketing team at EMC.

Elke industrie is uniek en ontwikkelt op eigen tempo. De manufacturing sector is daar niet anders in en staat dus voor eigen branche-gerelateerde uitdagingen. Lange tijd leek de trend om grootschalige productie naar het Oosten te verplaatsen onomkeerbaar, daar komt nu verandering in. De vraag naar kwalitatief goede producten stijgt en de specialistische kennis is in Europa voor handen. De huidige ontwikkelingen in deze sector staan in het teken van de ‘vierde industriële revolutie’. We hebben een aantal bedrijven in Nederland die een fantastische voorbeeld zijn voor hun vakgenoten.

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As a business consultancy company, Delaware Consulting is continuously innovating and developing concepts, processes and systems in order to bring true added value to its customers.
Nowadays ‘bringing value’ is mostly defined as: increasing profits, reducing costs and optimizing efficiency. Only rarely, solutions can have a direct impact on all 3 of these value dimensions. However, that is exactly what we achieve with our cost-to-serve expertise.

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The UNILIN group is a well-known producer of laminate floors, engineered wood, decorative panels, insulation boards and many other products. A couple of years ago, they decided to start working with an offshore development team, together with Delaware Consulting. Offshore development was a hype at that moment, with many success cases, but with an equal amount of horror stories. In this post, we share with you some of Unilin’s best practices on how to make sure your offshore development project becomes a success case.

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Peter Ravijts is a project manager at Delaware Consulting. We invited him as guest blogger for today. Together with his team, he developed a record management solution for Federal Agency of Nuclear Control (FANC).  He interviewed Annick Deltenre, information manager from FANC. She is the project manager for the RMS Project.


Annick Deltenre, information manager at FANC

The challenge

The agency promotes the effective protection of the citizens, workers and the environment against the danger of ionizing radiation. In its daily activities, FANC is led to produce and manage a large number of official documents (licensing, inspection, mission, international representations, etc.).

In 2010, the organization launched a document management project called “Record Management”. The project’s main objective was to allow agents to manage and dispose of electronic documents necessary in the context of their activities. This project introduced a new concept to the company: the “records”.

“Records” are documents with unwavering reliability, sustainability and integrity. They are declared authentic and have not been modified after their official publication. Putting in place a management system record, the company ensures the preservation of its activities.

In the life cycle of information (from creation to disposal), the records are the last stage of the documents prior to disposal.. The Record Management project is  a solution for managing the lifecycle of electronic documents based on the ISO 15489 standard and quality requirements Moreq (Model of Requirement).

Annick, can you explain to us why FANC was looking for a new solution and what you were looking for?

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Is your sales team still working with excel files to store client information? Is your production and inventory out of touch with what the sales force actually needs?  Do you have the feeling that you can get to know your customer even better?  If the answer is “Yes” to one or more of these questions, then your company will most likely benefit from a CRM implementation.

CRM is not only about pleasing your customers, which is a general misunderstanding. The benefits are multiple, like better forecasts, centralized data and enhancement of customer knowledge. The synchronization of sales and production in particular is a daunting task within a company.

Cosucra, a company that produces natural food ingredients, was facing this challenge. By implementing a SAP CRM solution, a best-in-class CRM was born.  This successful case is described in the latest CxO magazine.  In this article, Stephane Liekendael, Business Information Manager at Cosucra, explains why they decided to invest in a CRM tool. He demonstrates how tangible business value and benefits were created.

Don’t be fooled, this article is about more than just marketing. It is about a company that has embraced CRM a as an essential part of their daily processes!


 Author: Jens Ponnet. You can follow Jens on Twitter (@JPonnet) or connect with him on LinkedIn

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