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In my previous ‘SAP Hybris Commerce for dummies’ article, I explained what Hybris Commerce is and elaborated on the various front-end solutions. Let’s continue with the other side of Hybris Commerce: the back-end tools. This is the stuff your consumer doesn’t see.

Product managers, customer service, administrators and other actors need help to provide a seamless UX, and Hybris business tools can help with that.

Hybris delivers a multi-channel cockpit that contains all the available tools the support teams need. 

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For a recently graduated university student and junior consultant, nothing is more exciting (and scarier) than being introduced to a new technology. A few months ago, I was introduced to the Hybris Commerce world.

What is this thing called Hybris?

E-commerce is growing exponentially, both in a B2C and a B2B context. This is where Hybris Commerce makes its debut as a broad multi-channel e-commerce platform with ready-to-use website templates and functionalities.

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In this final article of the series, we have a look at what e-business means for warehousing and logistics from a systems’ point of view. Secondly, we briefly discuss the real-time feedback from ERP systems to front-end systems. To conclude, we share a word on quality and return procedures that need to be much more prominent when engaging in e-business.

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In the first article of the e-business insights series, we shared the top 5 driving forces for setting up an e-commerce channel. Starting an e-commerce channel does not go without risks or considerations. In this second part we briefly zoom in on 2 important considerations when you start selling your goods or services over the internet.

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In its pure essence, e-business is the support of business activities using information technology. Quite a lot of people confuse e-business with e-commerce. However, it is much more than selling products over the internet. It is the integration of electronic business methods in all possible business activities within a company. In a series of 3 short articles, we give you some important insights into e-business. In this post we have a look at what drives companies to start an e-commerce channel. In a second article we list some important strategic and operational considerations. In the third and closing article of this e-business insights series, we show that the biggest investments lie in the front-end development and not in the back-end system integration. This article is based on an interview with Folker Lamote, Senior Manager and Business Plan Owner of SAP Logistics, and Koen Mannaerts, Marketing and Agile Coach at Delaware Consulting.

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On November 20th, Sitecore announced it acquired Commerce Server. Sitecore, one of our business partners, is best known for its Web CMS capabilities. is an important e-commerce platform vendor.

Both are leading platform technologies based on Microsoft’s .NET stack. By bringing these 2 products together, Sitecore is now able to offer a single technology based solution to the customer.

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