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A funny thing happened when I was hosting an HR event a couple of weeks ago. A man came to our booth asking for more information about our services. I told him about our business and explained the benefits and added value of SuccessFactors. SuccessFactors had absolutely no chance within his company, he told me, because they are too big. His organization had defined its own processes which definitely would not comply with a SaaS solution. After lunch, another person joined our booth. This lady was convinced that SuccessFactors was not a valid solution, because her organization was too small. The cost would be too high and she would never have her bosses convinced of the business case.

Now, who is right? Does size matter in this context?  

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How it all began

My story at Delaware Consulting starts in 2001. My goal was to become a good SAP project consultant. In Delaware Consulting, I found a company where I really felt the fit with my vision, and I wanted to be part of that community.

There were some key points that convinced me to join this company. I could immediately identify myself with the down-to-earth attitude. With our Sherpa mindset, we enable our customers to excel in their business without the urge to be in the spotlight. Secondly, I valued the long-term vision on customers, the company and the Delaware Consulting people respecting the fact that we are all unique individuals sharing a dream to co-construct our company.

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I still remember my first job application. It was at an IT-business integrator, just like Delaware Consulting. Freshly graduated and full of enthusiasm I went to the interview with the HR manager and the functional team lead. The closer I got to my destination, the more questions popped up in my mind. “I’m only a graduate. I only have academic knowledge limited to a number of fields. So what the hell are they going to ask me? How are they going to decide whether I’m the best candidate for the job?” I was sure I was going to fail big time on their content-related questions. And guess what, I did fail big time, but in the end they offered me the job. Today, I’m on the other side of the table and I finally understand what happened.

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“People are the only asset we have”, says Gert Grobben, HR Director at Delaware Consulting. As we are a consulting company, this is absolutely right. Therefore, we decided to start using the SAP Learning Hub.

This platform provides all SAP knowledge whenever and wherever needed. It allows our consultants to dive into new solutions from the moment they are released, to train themselves in a variety of modules, to search for answers a soon as a question arises, etc. Thanks to the SAP Learning Hub, we are able to keep our knowledge at expert level and to continue to be the innovator we want to be.

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201401_belgium-iconOn the 1st of January 2014, the new Belgian legislation to regard the blue-collar and white-collar workers as equal was official. As the new rules are immediately applicable on all labor agreements, it is important that not only Human Resources specialists, but all employees are aware of what is changing. Even with Google, it is not easy to find the correct and relevant information on this topic. Here is an overview of some interesting links related to this new legislation.

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In 2004, Jan De Bock started as a freshman at Delaware Consulting in the SAP division. Now, 9 years later, he makes the switch from SAP to Microsoft AX. Why such a career move? Was he bored of SAP? Did he want something else, and was Microsoft a more attractive solution? Was it his choice, and why? I was very curious to hear, and decided to ask him all of my questions. This is his story.

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