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As a leader and entrepreneur, you go through different stages when growing ‘your enterprise’, while learning some valuable lessons along the way. Here are some of my lessons learned that may guide you through your own journey.

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We recently announced the hiring of our 1000th employee. This is a good time to look back on the past as well as to look into the future. Growth of the overall economy is stalled these days. Is aiming for growth of your own business still a good thing?

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… while increasing sustainable company value

Your own bottleneck

An interesting opportunity pops up. It is something you’d really like to do. But, when you ask permission to take it on, you receive the answer: “I’d certainly like to assign you this challenge, but I’m afraid we can’t afford to disengage you from your current assignments.”

Does this sound familiar?  It happens all the time. Many people have become their own, personal bottleneck. The only way for these people to increase their added value is to work more hours.

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