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Establishing a long-lasting competitive advantage through advanced segmentation: from data to insight and impact

Customers want services to be flexible and want to receive these services through various channels. Competition is getting tougher all the time, and margins are under enormous pressure.

Today’s retail landscape is fraught with challenges, that much is certain. Research by Gartner and Forrester pinpointed the crux of the matter: no less than 80% of your customer database is unprofitable or at break-even point and is therefore not generating any value for your business. At the same time, businesses are spending up to 50% of their marketing budgets on unprofitable customers. In other words: capturing the right customer insights and segmenting your customers through advanced methods will improve your sales and marketing efforts tremendously.

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In my previous ‘SAP Hybris Commerce for dummies’ article, I explained what Hybris Commerce is and elaborated on the various front-end solutions. Let’s continue with the other side of Hybris Commerce: the back-end tools. This is the stuff your consumer doesn’t see.

Product managers, customer service, administrators and other actors need help to provide a seamless UX, and Hybris business tools can help with that.

Hybris delivers a multi-channel cockpit that contains all the available tools the support teams need. 

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For a recently graduated university student and junior consultant, nothing is more exciting (and scarier) than being introduced to a new technology. A few months ago, I was introduced to the Hybris Commerce world.

What is this thing called Hybris?

E-commerce is growing exponentially, both in a B2C and a B2B context. This is where Hybris Commerce makes its debut as a broad multi-channel e-commerce platform with ready-to-use website templates and functionalities.

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Excel sheets everywhere. Various versions of these spreadsheets. A huge amount of information in the heads of your employees. Do you also struggle to find the right information, in a time-efficient way?

Your data is there, but it is missing? Our customers Aveve and Bru Textiles also coped with this issue. With a Single Source of Truth implementation, they became more efficient. In their testimonials, Inge Huypens (Aveve) and Koen Van Mol (Bru Textiles) tell you what their true struggle was, how technology helped them to take a huge next step, and what they still see as opportunities for the future.

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I had this argument with a friend recently on bricks. What do you think? Is it still worth to invest in commercial facilities? Will brick-and-mortar stores disappear in the medium to long run? I am not that certain about that.

It is correct that we visit physical stores less than before. Recent studies show that millennials are not that much in-store buyers. But when we do visit, we spend more than before. As a consequence, each single store visit is becoming critically important for the retailer.

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At the end of the day, NRF 2015 was about bricks, technology and the emergence of Chief Customer Officers and Chief Omnichannel Officers. Customer (seamless) eXperience is the tip of the sword!

I thought something was missing, though.

When we speak about Customer eXperience (CX), we traditionally think about slick design, omnichannel coherence etc… but we don’t talk much, in that context, about the next big thing: the Internet of Everything.

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Personalization is one of the major buzzwords in Digital Marketing today. We are all a big fan of personalized service as offered in our favorite brick and mortar stores, but many of us struggle to translate this analog prerogative to a digital environment.

Men are receiving special offers for pink, fluffy sweaters (if that is what you’re into, more power to you) and hardcore cyclists are getting good deals for fishing lure. Sure, the e-mails that were sent out started out with a personalized salutation to a Mr. or Mrs. John or Jane Doe, but that is where the story ends.

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