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ITIL is the most adopted approach for IT service management. It provides best practices for IT services to businesses or customers. These best practices include a high quality insight, tools and techniques that bring the results of your service management to a higher level.Thousands of organizations worldwide already use this methodology, for instance NASA, UK National Health Service and Disney™.

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James Bond arrives at a bar and orders his favorite drink. He wants it to meet the standard of what probably is the most famous cocktail recipe ever. The waiter agrees and prepares the drink as requested. This is a simple example of what a service level agreement (SLA) stands for.

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In my daily job, I am a member of the global virtual service desk at Delaware Consulting. Our team creates tickets, dispatches them and tries to help you with any questions you may have. We use the JIRA ticket tracking tool, which makes the ticket management very effective. The service desk team also provides assistance and training on the JIRA tool, and writes manuals and procedures.

In our general service desk mailbox, we receive about 1000 mails a day. The number of mails seems to keep on growing in time. Obviously, we get a lot of questions. To give you an impression, here is a top 5 of the type of questions we receive.

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Choices. Every day, we have to make them. When you go to the mall, there are several shops that provide a range of similar products, all with comparable content or composition. Your choice can be guided by an advertisement, by price, fancy packaging and so on.

The wide offering of products and services can also be found in our own IT business. You shouldn’t decide on your (future) IT services provider in the same way as you chose your favorite DIY store.

This article provides 3 criteria to help you go for the right AMS provider. An AMS provider stands for a long term and strong commitment between your business and  IT. For the AMS partner, it is prior to understand and work with you on your business processes. For you, it is key that this partner provides you a perfect service, with care, commitment and respect.

How did you select your IT services provider? Did you have specific standards by which you decided?


Author: Nico Van der Haegen. You can follow Nico on Twitter (@vdhaegenn) or connect with him on LinkedIn

queuemastersIn function of its continuous improvement, the Delaware Consulting Application Management Services (AMS) department has recently introduced a new concept: the queue masters.

The notion queue master originates from maintenance and support business, but it has also been used at IT companies as SAP and IBM. Queue masters are experts in their support domain. They are responsible for all customers within this field, regardless of where they are located. For example, one of our queue masters located in China is responsible for CRM related service tickets, worldwide, for all clients. The queue masters’ work has no geographic relevance.They are working in a “virtual” environment and communicate with their counterparts, called anchors, to shift service tickets to another time zone if needed.


What are the benefits of working with queue masters (QM)?

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Monday morning, the coffee machine broke down, and your computer prompts an error. What do you do? Do you contact your service desk? Or will you first try to find a solution on the internet? The demands and needs of IT users have changed radically over the past 5 years.  Is your company still using a traditional IT support desk? Integrating social media in your IT helpdesk offers a number of benefits. After reading this article, you may consider to introduce social IT into your firm.

Author: Inge Timmermans. You can follow Inge on Twitter (@IT8205) or connect with her on LinkedIn

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