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An important aspect in the building and maintaining of a strong corporate identity, are the company images. If you want your corporate identity to breathe your company culture, it is key to have a clear understanding of what your company stands for. What are your company values? What makes your company culture so unique?

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Do you find the title of this article strange? Should it not be normal and obvious for all of us, to love our job? But do you know how many people drag themselves to work? How many people experience long and boring days and have no satisfaction in their work? Unfortunately, there are quite a few: 1 out of 5! I am happy not to be one of them.

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It has become a yearly tradition quite some people are looking forward to: our cycling event at the end of August. For the first time, we were not heading for the Alps, but for the French Pyrenees. Our sponsor – Group Ghistelinck – provided us some vans to get all our equipment and riders on site.

The joy already began at the parking of our Kortrijk office, despite the early hour on a Saturday morning. Some 1200 km further south, our hotel near the top of the Col du Soulor was waiting for us.

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Next Monday, many new graduates will – after having spent almost their entire life at school – start their professional career in a multitude of companies and organizations. At Delaware Consulting, we are getting ready to welcome 50 graduates.

Growth or consolidation?

Although we had planned to make 2014 a year of consolidation, increased customer demand has made us decide to step up the hiring process again. Most customers continue to specifically ask for experienced profiles. At Delaware Consulting, however, we have a tradition to also hire young people, fresh from school.

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How it all began

My story at Delaware Consulting starts in 2001. My goal was to become a good SAP project consultant. In Delaware Consulting, I found a company where I really felt the fit with my vision, and I wanted to be part of that community.

There were some key points that convinced me to join this company. I could immediately identify myself with the down-to-earth attitude. With our Sherpa mindset, we enable our customers to excel in their business without the urge to be in the spotlight. Secondly, I valued the long-term vision on customers, the company and the Delaware Consulting people respecting the fact that we are all unique individuals sharing a dream to co-construct our company.

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I am a firm believer in the self-fulfilling prophecy. If you believe hard enough in something to happen and you act accordingly, there is a fair chance that it will come true. I have seen it work, as well to the negative as to the positive side. That is also why we at Delaware Consulting are currently conducting a new strategy exercise. We are restating our own prophecy of where we should stand as a company five years from now.

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I still remember my first job application. It was at an IT-business integrator, just like Delaware Consulting. Freshly graduated and full of enthusiasm I went to the interview with the HR manager and the functional team lead. The closer I got to my destination, the more questions popped up in my mind. “I’m only a graduate. I only have academic knowledge limited to a number of fields. So what the hell are they going to ask me? How are they going to decide whether I’m the best candidate for the job?” I was sure I was going to fail big time on their content-related questions. And guess what, I did fail big time, but in the end they offered me the job. Today, I’m on the other side of the table and I finally understand what happened.

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Traditional hierarchy

Do you work in an environment where your boss tells you what to do and you simply have to execute? If so, you most probably like working according to function descriptions, clearly stating what you are supposed to do and maybe even how to do it. Indeed, some people find it easy to work in clear and strong hierarchies, regarding obedience as a virtue.

I definitely do not like this kind of organizations. It may be a good model for companies focusing on maximizing output, while minimizing input. I am sure though that most businesses working like this, do not even come close to tapping their full potential. This is especially true in the service industry and in highly innovative environments.

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End of this month, Delaware Consulting celebrates its 10th anniversary as an independent partnership. This is a perfect excuse to look back, before focusing on the horizon again.


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