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Together with my colleagues Irina, Jelle, and Ivan, I got the chance the ‘broaden my horizon’ in Thailand by participating at the Fund Isaan project. What an unforgettable journey!

First of all, I want to highlight that it’s impossible to reveal all of my experiences in Thailand in this short blog. You need to undergo the adventure to truly understand what added value it brings to your life.

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You are fascinated by the title, right? But please, hold your horses. We’re not going to Thailand in the context of establishing a new company.

It’s time for a mental switch. In order to sharpen our corporate social responsibility, we decided to collaborate with Fund Isaan. Fund Isaan is a non-profit organization that focuses on improving the education of children in Isaan, the poorest region of Thailand.

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My job? Manager at Delaware Consulting. My family situation? Mother of 3 daughters and pregnant with number 4. The reaction I get a lot lately is: “4, wow! How are you going to do that?” Read on to discover how I deal with this challenging combination!

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Your job or your wife: what would you choose? ‘Easy question’, I hear you say. But what if we change only 1 character?

Your job or your life?
This makes it a bit more complex, doesn’t it?

Be passionate in what you do

Jobs nowadays are not just jobs. If you are motivated and passionate in what you do, you are not counting working hours, not even years. New challenges make it even more exciting, they make you push yourself always further, stay eager to learn and invest all the time you have to make it work.  

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August is coming to an end. The majority of colleagues is returning to work. Holiday season is almost over and people are starting to look forward to Christmas. Batteries recharged, re-energized, ready to get back to business! Right?

In reality, living in the connected world means the boundaries between work and holidays have never been so thin. Even in the most remote places you can check your emails. Your private and professional phone have become one and when you come home from vacation, you need to catch up on hundreds of emails.

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Dear blog visitor

Thank you for your visit. After a period of intensively producing blog articles of various topics, we decided to give our blog a summer break. If we have a look at our top 3 articles of the first half of 2014, we are happy to notice that you appreciate our diversity of topics.

  1. Celebrating the 15th anniversary of my burnout, by Jan Delaere
  2. The story of a working mum at Delaware Consulting, by Ilse Brock
  3. Five reasons why an SME needs a state-of-the-art ERP solution, by Jonathan De Brouwer

Which article did you like most? Curious to hear!

Our blog will be back on August 19. During its absence it will not be able to publish any new article.

Meanwhile, do not hesitate to explore our archive.

Kind regards
The Delaware Consulting social media team

No… Yes… It depends…
This is my answer to the question whether it is easy to combine working as a senior manager at Delaware Consulting and being the mum of a now 3-year-old, cute, little girl called Alena.

Experiencing the happiness of being a mother has drastically changed the way I look at life and work.  It forced me to change not only my point of view, but also to rearrange some habits in my professional and private life. Let me share you 4 things that help me to be a working mum.

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How it started

It all happened some 15 years ago. 3 years earlier, we started to develop business with SAP in the SME space at Delaware. This initiative was really becoming a success story. I had a wide range of responsibilities and was allowed to do whatever I deemed necessary to move things forward. I was leading our small team of 15 SAP consultants, was involved in the hiring progress to further expand that team, was managing several projects and still took up the role as an SAP logistics consultant.On the private side, I was happily married and we already had 2 nice children. We had moved to our own, new house and we were landscaping our garden. So everything was going well! 

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10 years ago, after 8 years of working at Delaware Consulting, I decided to quit my job and start somewhere else. The reason behind this was strictly personal: I needed more time with my triplets at home.

However, as children grow up fast, and an old love never dies, I came back to Delaware Consulting to pick up again where I left, 10 years ago. I lost pleasure in my job as an IT manager. It had evolved in a direction which was too technical for me to fulfill my passion. I wanted to go back to the diverse challenges of consulting, and I knew that Delaware Consulting could offer me that.

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